About Only Baddies Inc.

Helping you unleash your true baddie

What we Believe

OnlyFans creators should have full control over what they publish and the platform they build. Unlike a lot of current agencies that have turned it into a money making scheme, or they say it’s female-run and when you get on the phone it’s a man who’s just trying to close another deal. I’m not about it. This is a job that I’m simply trying to help you do better. Only Baddies Inc. is proud to be female-run so that we can properly cater to our female audience.

What We Do

With our team specializing in strategy, project management and the growth of social media platforms, OnlyBaddies is at the frontline of Canadian agencies, leading your self-made business down the path of success. We connect our models with paying clients and brands through engaging content with our guidance.

Through innovative campaigns, and our global connections, our creative team will work closely with you from start to finish, ensuring every experience is unique.

Using our industry knowledge and years of experience, we’re constantly looking to innovate, push boundaries and redefine the status quo of social media marketing and influencer modelling.


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